TV Scripts

The Comic Shoppe (co-writer)   Pilot

Animal instincts                             Pilot

Continuing Education                   Pilot

Waiters                                             Pilot

The Queres'                                     Pilot

Web Series

Pet therapy                                      (Co-authored w/Stacey Schrom, Caroline Gutierrez)
Sheer desperation                    
For Rent

Sheer Desperation                                      

Feature Films
Songs of the Raven                       (Original Story by Damian Raven)

Spelling Bee                                    (Co-written w/ Kyle Templin)
(Was considered by Fox Searchlight, Adam sandler, and Judd Apatow)

To the Death                                  (Co-written w/ Kyle Templin)
Deliberations                                 (Drama)
Hiding In Plain Sight                    (Comedy)

Where Do we Go From Here      (Drama)

**Short Film version was accepted to 15 film festivals, Winner of Best Short 9 times!

**One nomination for best writing 


Short Films

Bath Water

Loose Ends
The Logic of Women                     (Co-written w/Ben Tedesco)




​        Actor/Singer/Writer/Director