Cortney hails from Saginaw, Michigan and graduated  the University of Michigan with a BFA in Theatre Performance. 

After college she moved to New York where she did numerous off broadway productions as well as regional theatre before finally moving to the west coast.

Some of her theatre credits include:  Flyin' West, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, The Importance of Being Earnest. Musical theatre credits: Grease, The Wiz, The All Night Strut, Tug of War (new musical), Lizard (new musical). 

TV credits: General Hospital (recurring)

Web series: Pet Therapy, For Rent, The Actor Diaries

Most recently a short film she            co-directed STRANGLE ME ELMO was accepted and screened at the California Women's Festival.

Three words to describe Cortney:

chameleon, nerd, great laugh! (Ok, admittedly that's four words, but who cares it's her website.) 

She reads comic books, reads & watches sci-fi (loves, loves, loves Game of Thrones), kicks butt on You Don't Know Jack video game.  

Chameleon because well... it's all about the hair. Short, long, curly, afro allows for a wide age range. Also it's just plain fun being different every day!

And friends tell me that hearing me laugh makes comedies even funnier (go figure).



​        Actor/Singer/Writer/Director